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Sept 2015
Upon arrival, I was greeted by the most welcoming and friendly staff of two very knowledgeable young ladies who provided information about the property, the surrounding area, and breakfast. I was also greeted by a super helpful young man who was ready to show us to our room and address any needs we may have had. I then met the other two owners, who were just as helpful. The staff is top notch and treat you like family.
The room was very cozy, and much to my liking came with …a heater for cooler nights. The heat and water pressure in the shower was better than any place I’ve ever stayed at. The apple muffins at breakfast were homemade and absolutely delicious— much better than the mass produced pre-packaged muffins.
This is the perfect stay for those who enjoy the outdoors, enjoy camping, boy/ girl scouts, or anyone who wants to enjoy serene tranquility and less commercialized atmosphere. The property also has some smalls trails to walk that are equally as pleasant.
As the name hostel implies, the sleeping area is separate from the shower and restroom. The walk between the buildings is very short and does not pose a problem. It is a nice change from most traditional lodging. The venue is very new, and it can be seen all throughout that property that the owners spared no expensive to assure that all visitors are provided with the highest quality of service and amenities.

Nov 2015

An absolutely incredible experience. Beautiful facilities, wonderful management and great location! Extremely accommodating and very relaxing. Would highly recommend to anyone!
– Caety Gaeta